“Prison Free Dumb”

Lionel Butler

Prison is not just when you are doing time for a crime. 
Some people are prisoners of their own mind and they don’t even know it.
There can be four walls and door and you can close it and close your mind.
You might as well be in captivity just without the guns and knives; to social conformity, debt and dollars.
Comfort will keep you put and make you ask why bother.
Cause ain’t much difference from a gun to your head and dollars at your feet.
If they move the gun you gon move your feet and if they take away the funds you gon move to where those funds be.

Some people even call this the new slavery.
Me I have a tendency to disagree.
There are no lashes on my back and if I run from the master I don’t have to get hung from my neck.
Now prison and slavery are self inflicted.
If it “don’t make dollars then it don’t make sense;” Now that’s some slavery shit.
Now to be clear I’m not saying that you don’t need cash, but when cash starts to clash with your morals and ethics and begin to ask.
The direction to progress and your homeboy’s start to laugh screaming:

“Aint nothing more important than this C.R.E.A.M.!”

That’s the warden calling out saying to stuck up in this thing.
Me speaking out is like posting your bail.
Even though you’re in jail all the doors is open and you can’t even tell.
It’s getting to the point where you are starting to enjoy the smell; of the bricks and the bars, but to hear you tell it you not from Earth you’re from Mars.
But I’m sure if I ever came across a Martian, his first words wouldn’t be “double digit margins.”
You should ask ya mind for a presidential pardon.
Taking part in the feast just to stay in the wall garden is detrimental to the health of every single person.
But as you pull back that curtain of conformity, what you see is expansion, innovation and creativity.

No teacher, preacher or biologist will tell you that this is essential for life to exist.
But I submit to you through these words, that a limited mind is so absurd.
Yet free can’t be achieved through a college degree; still knowledge is the key to break free of the prison and the fences and the walls and the slavery.
Maybe…just maybe…you will break from those constraints.
And run and run as fast as you can, then breathe and breathe until you can’t no more.
And pick up your feet and run some more.
Take in everything around you, not just what’s inside these four walls.
Because even though free can be scary it’s not the end at all; it’s actually the place where you begin it all.

And when you do…don’t be free dumb; its freedom.
Free to not want and free to love, but that’s generally not what people think of when they think of freedom.
See we graciously put on the blinders and only see free economically, but that’s my mistake for thinking that people actually wanted to be free.
See they just want they cash to last from the 1st to the 15th and if there is any chance that it won’t then everything else is secondary.
It’s a scary fault, when one single thing can dominate your thoughts.
If all your ideas can be bought; you’re just a few dollars away from being owned.
And they don’t have to send a memo to let you know that it’s own.
As you sit up top the people gather to dethrone.
And the moment that the money stops being thrown; you can look around and see the friends your home

If only the broke say it ain’t all about the money.
Its funny how there’s a re-occurring theme of those that say it’s lonely at the top and the more problems that more money brings.
So let freedom ring.
No let money sing, rap act, model and train wreck a reality show scene.
If progress is only as far as the money it redeems, then I must pledge allegiance to a different regime.
Because there’s a difference in me, there’s not a deficiency of dedication and dignity.

I don’t use Malcom and Martin lightly.
Because what if they were corrupt enough to let the fight stop for just a lil bit of stock in GM and GE.
See the fight for freedom is no longer in the physical but in the mental and it starts in the grassroots with people like you and me.
So we can be free to not want and free to love;
That’s the type of freedom we should seek and the discipline to overcome.
So we are not over run with mindless zombies that focus on stacking assets just carbon copies.
Red or Blue pill or no pill at all, just a mustard seed of insight to re-install; our thoughts with a whole new set of ones and zeroes.
So we can focus on a whole new set of mentors and heroes.
And reload not your gun but your temporary memory.
Keep the gun tucked and abolish the tyranny to your mind; because we must adjust the things that we love.
And in the process of progress we can rediscover, not prison, but freedom.

And don’t be free dumb.

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