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Lionel Butler

I am the king of my destination no explanation needed.
But I’m not headed for that destination, because that destination was not made for this life.
This life is about the travel and the journey; about all the joy that can be achieved from being on this ride.
And I don’t follow the flesh because the flesh will never be satisfied.
It just wants more.
So even if you reach your so called “destiny” the flesh wants the next level of things that is sees.

Now you don’t have to believe me you can look at Madoff.
Now he made off with $60 Billion and he still wanted more.
As he stole that money out from underneath those people’s eyes, I bet he never thought he would pay for it with his son’s suicide.
And that’s a much greater sentence than years in jail, hell; he probably thought his son would prevail.
All the while he was chasin his destination; a place to proclaim that he had arrived. 

But I don’t look to arrive I look to the sky and remove the limits from my body and my mind.
And if I reach my destination that means the ride has ended.
And I want my ride to be limitless, infinite, and tremendous.
Some would even say that I’m senseless; a man of many words with no direct intentions.
But there are some things that I forget to mention, purposely.
That way I can execute them perfectly. 

And if my thoughts are not crossed with your impurities I can deliver exactly what I see.
Not some crowd sourced, democratic, edit of my initial drive, but my exact product.
And my product is living.
So I don’t have to come out with brand new iteration each and every summer
And make it easier and easier for people who are dumber and dumber.
My product changes everyday like some people’s interest rate; except I’m not here to rape and pillage you for every single dime in your pocket.
Cause I don’t measure profit in object; I measure it in those that I help inspire and their progress. 

And my whip is modest and furniture is used.
And some would say that I don’t have a clue.
And that I would have to be fool, to eschew the things that I do.
And there is no way possible that I have a picturesque view.
But as you focus on your destination, I observe my full surroundings.
Like an outstanding theme in heart pounding scene; as you fast forward to the last few minutes of this things.
Take it all in and then ask what it means
But meaning is not seen just in the last scene, it is in the power and the beauty that progress brings. 

It’s essential we still dream, that I see myself as a king, and that I don’t settle for a barbie but a queen; that my journey is royalty and my loyalty is supreme.
My words are not validated by the price of my jeans or the loafers on my feet.
Not my final pose but how I dance to the beat.
And if I reach my destiny, don’t pray for me and my mind, body and spirit.
Throw a big ass party and make sure that the whole block hears it. 

And let it be known that my life was a journey and my journey is life.
I’m going to stay down that path until they turn out my light.
I’ll illuminate a brand new path, because life is not about being 1st to a place that last.
But the people and the stories you tell until it’s your last 

So I ask will you please.
Stop chasin destination and take this ride with me.


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