“Please Believe”

Lionel Butler

Believe in something, me I believe in God.
You can believe in Buddha or believe in your mom, but please believe in something,
Because I believe if you don’t, the consequences are dire.
No…not like a building on fire or shots fired, but something worse.
A slow deliberate detriment delivered unbeknownst to those who don’t believe.
And you don’t have to be like me and believe the things that I believe, but if you don’t believe in something, you’re just the walking dead.
No…not like death is imminent or even close to the deliverance. 
But when you are that far oblivious the attack is on your existence. 


You could even believe that something bad is going to happen, because we all know that will come to fruition. 
You can even believe in a superstition and then slowly push the envelope of your belief system. 
Because if no answer is an answer, then no belief is just as discrete, it’s a black hole in the form of a street, that you walk down to show the origins of the beast.


And each and every moment that you don’t believe is another missed opportunity for greatness to conceive. 
To plant the seed, to grow the tree, that affects the change we need in you and in me. 
And if you don’t believe it’s a chance that I might not believe.
And there’s a chance that you won’t say the words or do the things that I need to be the progressive me.
And I don’t write a single one of these lines for you I write them for me.
Cause there are times when I don’t believe.
And I’m afraid that I might not say the words or do the things that I need to have those around me succeed. 
Cause there success is success to me.


So the only way for this to work…is for you to believe.
For me to believe.
In something.
And the crazy thing is…its hardest to believe in yourself.

(Source: vimeo.com)